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Data Analyst at Spaceflow. Editor of PropTech 2030

Its Future Growth Depends On It

This is a journey of how I came across Medium. From my oldest memory, to how and why I became a member. From being a member for a week, to writing an open letter to Medium’s Product Managers. This is, without a doubt, a story through which the vast majority of users see themselves represented.

This is my story. From loving to hating Medium in less than a week.

Part I — Discovery

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I actively got into Medium at the end of December 2020. I knew I had an account but I just didn’t bother using it.

My last memory of Medium back in…

Before writing the first story

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  • How can I become a writer for PropTech 2030?

Fill in the form in the first article or shoot us a message on Twitter. Yes, it’s that simple. Let’s connect!

  • Do you charge anything?

Articles you publish are owned 100% by you. We do not charge anything to anyone, meaning all profits are yours if you decide to meter your story.

  • What type of content can I submit?

We are not supported by Medium, which means we have no content limitations and will consider all sort of pieces. Satirical, research, open letters, advice, lessons learned… you name it. Still undecided…

Infinite stories awaiting their readers

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Like a virgin, unexplored stream, high in the mountains, lie all the PropTech untold stories. There is plenty as I can see from the peak of the valley. Down the river streams that lead to the ocean, I visualize infinite water coming from other peaks of the mountain range. They are full of knowledge and carried by distinctive individuals. At the end of the river stream awaits a sea of interested human beings, ready to embrace all the knowledge that the stream water transports.

Your story is among them and the world cannot wait to read about it!

Become a writer and submit your first draft…

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If you want to write for PropTech 2030 just fill this form, it will take you 30 seconds.

After completing the form we will proceed to process it and add you as a writer. You should receive a notification in no less than 2 days. Then, all you have to do is write your story and before you submit follow these steps. But first, have a look at the guide below

PropTech 2030 is the place to discover these untold stories, learn from best practices, create a knowledge sharing community and connect with a vast network of professionals.


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From roughly 30 incredible talented teammates in January 2020 we almost doubled the headcount at EOY.

Embracing uncertainty helped us tackle the most challenging months of the pandemic. Some clients froze contracts, others asked for a pause, and others looked ahead and reached out to us in an effort to find solutions and third-party integrations, envisioning a future with additional layers of security and contactless product developments that would keep their tenants safe and informed at all times. The team effort was beyond extraordinary. To name a few…

  • The community management team continuously published top notch content
  • Product and Development…

This is what your building is missing out on in 2021

It took a global pandemic for most landlords to realize the need to include a touchless entry system into their buildings. What once was considered a “nice-to-have” technology, has now become essential in many aspects from which both the building owner and its tenants benefit.

Let’s look at all the benefits of implementing an ACS that can make a space secure for its tenants, and allows Property Managers to leverage space usage and increase energy efficiency.

Spaceflow’s Integration with Salto KS Mobile Access

1. Touchless Entry

Whether the access card is in plastic format or tied to your phone, there is no physical contact of any kind during the process…

Aitor Alonso

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