The Future of Tenant Experience. A Lookback at an Eventful 2020 at Spaceflow

Photo by 丁亦然 on Unsplash

From roughly 30 incredible talented teammates in January 2020 we almost doubled the headcount at EOY.

Embracing uncertainty helped us tackle the most challenging months of the pandemic. Some clients froze contracts, others asked for a pause, and others looked ahead and reached out to us in an effort to find solutions and third-party integrations, envisioning a future with additional layers of security and contactless product developments that would keep their tenants safe and informed at all times. The team effort was beyond extraordinary. To name a few…

  • The community management team continuously published top notch content
  • Product and Development teams delivered more than one new product feature weekly and built an enormous functionalities roadmap
  • We were featured in countless media and participated in debates, discussions and events

The energy, vibes, and passion have done nothing but grow. Connecting communities and redefining life in buildings remain our main focus.

Some highlights of 2020

Data Analyst at Spaceflow. Editor of PropTech 2030

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